ICBEAMER 9004 HB1 LED COB HeadLight Bulb Replace Halogen Lamp [Color:6000K White Low Beam + 30000K Dark Blue High Beam]

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Super White & Dark Blue
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  • [Light Up Your Drive: 900% Brighter than Halogens!]-Step into the future of illumination with ICBEAMER’s 2nd Gen high-power LED bulbs. These aren't just any bulbs—they're a meticulously engineered marvel with 8 high-performance chips that blast out an incredible 33,000 lumens. Imagine turning night into day with a cool 6000K white light that’s 900% brighter than your old halogens. Say goodbye to dim and dull; it's time for crisp, clear, and precise lighting that ensures your safety, even in the harshest weather conditions. (For fog light or off-road use only)
  • [Beam Like a Pro: Perfect Beam Pattern]-ICBEAMER bulbs aren't just about raw power—they’re about precision. Thanks to advanced beam pattern technology and a super-slim 0.03-inch profile, these chips deliver a super-focused beam with wide angles and an extended range. No adjustments needed, no dark spots, no glare. Just perfect illumination that ensures you and everyone else on the road stay safe. (For fog light or off-road use only)
  • [Lightning-Fast Installation: Done in 3 Minutes!]-Hassle-free is the name of the game with ICBEAMER’s all-in-one design. These bulbs are compact, with built-in driver technology that cuts out the need for bulky bases, extra drivers, or additional adapters. They’re a true 1:1 halogen size, making installation a breeze. Plug, play, and you’re done in just 3 minutes. (For fog light or off-road use only)
  • [Built to Last: Over 60,000 Hours of Light]-Durability is key. That’s why ICBEAMER uses premium aviation aluminum and double copper base tubes to maximize heat dissipation. Add in heat sink fins and a high-speed 18,000 RPM cooling fan with 9 blades, and you’ve got bulbs that keep their cool and shine bright for over 60,000 hours. No more frequent replacements, just long-lasting brilliance. (For fog light or off-road use only)
  • [Universal Fit: Ready for 99% of Vehicles]-Worried about compatibility? Don’t be. ICBEAMER bulbs come equipped with the latest linear decoding technology and a built-in smart IC driver, making them Canbus ready for 99% of vehicles. No flickering, no radio interference—just seamless performance. Note: Some sensitive models may need an additional decoder. Contact ICBEAMER for assistance. (For fog light or off-road use only)
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